Just Imagine a

Higher Membership Retention Rate

The Membership Cure

Do you know what it costs you to lose a Member?

Monthly Membership Amount

Know your numbers.

Do you struggle with how to keep your Members engaged?

You don't have to do this alone!

Are you overwhelmed with keeping up with "all the things"?

A group of like-minded people to learn from and interact with!

Here's what you'll get...

  • Hot seat - members apply to sit in the hot seat as I review their membership and give valuable feedback.  

  • Guest speaker - each month, I'll interview a guest speaker who runs a successful membership 

  • Tips on the important pieces of the Membership - every month we will focus on one of the following: launch, landing page, checkout page, thank you page, onboarding, Facebook group engagement, Membership content, surveys

  • Q & A - monthly question and answer session

  • Advice and tutorials on social media, software, graphics


Founding Member Bonuses 

  • 1/2 hour 1:1 strategy call - available ONLY to the        first 25 members

  • Onboarding email templates - available 5/1

  • Facebook Ads mini-course - available 6/1

JOIN BY 4/30/20 FOR


$37 / month

After that the price increases and the BONUSES go away!

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Membership Retention Strategist & Integrator

Hi! I'm Tammy and I am a Membership Retention Strategist & Integrator.

I help Membership owners understand the Members journey and implement the strategies to ensure a higher Membership Retention.

With this service I can help only one at a time. This Membership enables me to help many! And, that truly warms my heart.

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Who this Membership is for:

Positive, like-minded entrepreneurs who run Memberships and want to grow their business and retain their Members

Who this Membership is not for:

Negative, uncoachable entrepreneurs who believe everyone is out to get them - you know you know people like this