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Higher Membership Retention Rate

The Onboarding Cure systems will help you with the initial introduction into your Membership resulting in a HIGHER RETENTION RATE

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Welcome email sequences

Checklist to ensure a successful onboarding

What does it cost you to lose a Member?

Monthly Membership Amount

It takes more than your content to retain your Members

Create an environment within your Membership that Members can't wait to hear from you and stay because they love the connections within the community. 

Create enthusiastic fans!

It's easier to create an enthusiastic fan right from the start!

Here's what you'll get...

  • Behind the scenes look into what the flow of a Membership onboarding should look like to a new Member

  • Email templates - onboarding emails to set the tone of your Membership

  • Onboarding checklist - do these tasks with every new Member to ensure consistency

  • Membership questionnaire template - let the new Member know their opinion matters 

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Membership Retention Strategist & Integrator

Hi! I'm Tammy and I am a Membership Retention Strategist & Integrator.

I help Membership owners understand the Members journey and implement the strategies to ensure a higher Membership Retention.

I can only help one at a time. This course is piece of what I have to offer and enables me to help many!

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What this is:

Templates, processes and procedures

What this is not:

Not a lot of videos and talking