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Why a Challenge Launch?

Unlike any other launch method, Challenge Launches gives you the opportunity to create an experience for your audience.


It all starts the moment they see your ad or sales page and get into your funnel ... you're taking them on this journey until the moment your cart closes. Together, we will create a meaningful journey for your audience so that they will get to know, like and trust you so that they cannot wait to purchase your offer.




We'll get to know one another and decide if we're a good fit.

Systems I use are Kajabi, Canva, Trello.




Once we've decided to work together, you'll receive your contract, invoice and we'll get our one hour strategy call booked to kickoff our working together and layout a plan of action. 



8 to 10 weeks of launch support over email, Voxer and Zoom.



Following the launch, we will have a debrief call to determine what was a success and what we will do differently next time, if anything.

8 - 10 Weeks of Launch Support, including the following: 

  • Launch task and team management: pre-launch, launch, and post-launch phases

  • Launch strategy includes: funnel, ads, content, social media, deliverables, challenge launch experience

  • Weekly communication: Voxer and email during business hours M-F, 9a - 3p

  • Trello launch project management board 

  • Launch calendar and timeline of events, due dates

  • Worksheet / workbook templates

  • Recorded launch strategy calls, including the following:

    • Launch Strategy + Planning Kick-off Call Meeting (60 minutes)

    • Launch Check-in Meeting - held pre-launch (60 minutes)

    • One Launch Debrief + Review Meeting - held after the launch (60 minutes)

Beach Beds


Services Provided: Launch Support, Ad Management and Business Consulting
This was over a 9 month time period

  • Grew her membership from 34 members to 289 

  • Increased monthly membership revenue from $1080/mo to $9600/mo 

  • Increased course launch revenue from $10k to $46k; launched 2 x's a year 

  • Email list grew from 3,000 to 8,000+ 

  • Annual revenue: 2019 $66k (prior to working together), 2020 $113k, 2021 $210k 

  • She was able to herself from the manual tasks of her creative business 

  • She was able to hire a virtual assistant to help with day-to-day tasks 

  • Personal accomplishments: husband left his corporate job, take more frequent family vacations for extended periods of time 

Results not guaranteed. 

Hi! I'm Tammy!

I live in a small town by the lake and love this life so much! I created a laptop lifestyle way back in 2015 - that seems like yesterday and 20 years ago all at once. 

Several cups of coffee a day + a great husband who cheers me on in everything I do + my pups + my family are my everything ❤️

Helping creatives grow their businesses is truly a passion of mine. I enjoy the collaboration and cheering you on!

Let's chat about how I can help you create a life you love ... even more!



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Let's hop on a 30 minute call just to see if we're a good fit to work together