Nice to meet you! Hi, I'm Tammy!

I live in a small town, by the lake and love this #lakelife so much! Several cups of coffee a day + a great husband who cheers me on in everything I do + my pups + my family are my everything ❤️
I created a laptop lifestyle way back in 2015 - that seems like yesterday and 20 years ago all at once!
What drives me in this business as a Program Manager is seeing others experience success. Now, how can we work together to grow your business? 

Membership Growth and Retention Strategies

This is a 90 minute sesh where you can pick my brain and ask me anything you want. You'll answer an in-depth questionnaire, prepare a list of questions for me and we will brainstorm  together on ways to grow your membership and retain your current members.  

Student Success Management for Low and High Ticket Programs

We all know that first impressions are everything, right? We'll start with the onboarding  to create a memorable experience, a journey for your students to ensure they stay on-track and have accountability to ensure their success. We'll listen to them in the community and/or surveys  to see if there's anything we can do to better serve them.

Challenge Launches

Ready for higher converting launches? Let's make a plan to launch with a challenge. I've got all the templates, tools, checklists to  help you have a successful challenge launch. 

Program and Event Implementation and Management

Want to add  Mini-Masterminds, Accountability, Co-Working or Networking Events to your  membership? I can help you build out the programs, manage them or train your staff how to manage them.

Community Management

Overall management of the community to  ensure it stays within the integrity of the membership promise.


Having  Standard Operating Procedures for all tasks  is very important to your business.  I'll create an SOP for every task I am responsible for.

DM Seller

I'm currently working through a program and will soon offer this service. I'm super excited to bring another value-add service to my clients. 


Create a system for the intake of testimonials, data tracking, etc.

Client Love

Tammy is our student success manager and makes all of our students feel supported and loved on. She can turn anyone's bad day around! Loving on people is her super power.

What I have accomplished with Tammy in less than 2 months would have taken me years to do on my own I can't imagine running my business without her!

As a small business owner, I have a tendency to want to do ALL the things, but there is such a peace in knowing that I don’t have to.  Tammy has been such a blessing to my business!  Using her services allows me to do what I do best, which is create!  And I can do that with greater confidence knowing that whatever I dream up, she is going to help me get out to the masses!  

What's Next ...
Let's hop on a 30 minute coffee chat to see if we may be a good fit to work together.