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What is a Challenge

A Challenge Launch creates an experience for your ideal audience. It allows them to get to know you, how you teach and your wonderful personality! 

Your audience will love you, the community you create for them with their peers and won't be able to wait to signup for your offering! 

HOw do I work with you

You reach out and start the conversation that you're interested in learning more by scheduling a virtual coffee chat and we'll meet up on Zoom to continue the conversation.

You need to know I'm real...I totally get that!

Let's get started and within 30 days you'll be ready to rock your challenge like a rockstar! 

VIP Day Challenge Launch



Get your date booked allowing at least a week so that we can get the strategy call + pre-work done prior to your VIP Day. 


On your VIP Day you will need to be available so choose a day that your free to answer questions as they arise. 50% deposit due to reserve your day.



We'll have a one hour strategy call to kickoff our working together and layout a plan of action. 

Following our call you will receive a to-do list of action items to complete prior to the VIP Day.



You'll have an entire day of my time to complete your project!

I start in the early morning and will need access to you throughout the day for questions and I'll keep you updated throughout the day. 



30 days of support! Reach out via email and I'll answer your questions in text or, if needed, via an instructional video to guide you through anything Challenge Launch related that you may need clarification about.


Hi! I'm Tammy!

I share an office space with 2 annoying co-workers that just won't take "no" for an answer. Good thing they're cute lol

I live in a small town by the lake and love this life so much! I created a laptop lifestyle way back in 2015 - that seems like yesterday and 20 years ago all at once. 

Several cups of coffee a day + a great husband who cheers me on in everything I do + my pups + my family are my everything ❤️

Let's chat about how I can help you create a life you love ... even more!